Here comes the cat all dressed in black.

Put on your best capes, cowls, and spandex we have a super wedding to attend.

Batman proposed to his on-again-off-again fling/love interest back in issue 24 earlier this year. Since then, in a show of intimacy and opening his emotional side, Batman has been recounting the events of “The War of Jokes and Riddles” which ultimately lead to his greatest shame.

In a USA Today article published on Monday, panels were released showing Selina Kyle accepting Batman’s proposal. The caped-crusader and the cat burglar won’t immediately get married though.

Tom King has said there’s already another story coming that will launch Batman on a dangerous mission. The story is said to be a send-up to“old-school” Neal Adams and will see combing the desert.

The Batman getting married will be a big shakeup, but for the time be, ng fans will have time to grow accustomed to the idea.