“Black Hammer” will return in April 2018 in “Black Hammer: Age of Doom.”

Earlier this month the Dark Horse series ended on a cliffhanger after 13 issues before going on hiatus. In a press release on Tuesday, Dark Horse announced a sequel series “Black Hammer: Age of Doom.”

Fans of the series will know the book has always put an unusual spin on superheroes while also making commentary about the genre. Writer Jeff Lemire stated he and artist Dean Ormston wanted to focus on the frequent reboots and relaunches prominent in the superhero genre in the last few years. “It felt like we need to play around with that idea, but put a BLACK HAMMER spin on it,” Jeff Lemire said.

While to some this new focus may sound interesting, some will be wary of the prospect of the story focusing on reboots/relaunches. The string of relaunches over the past few years has left many feeling frustrated with the comic industry. But Jeff Lemire promises, “everything you love will stay intact.”

In the meantime, several mini-series taking place within the “Black Hammer” universe will be released. The first mini-series is “Sherlock Frankenstein & The Legion of Evil” and comes out October 18. The first series centers around Black Hammer’s daughter—Lucy Weber— investigating the origins of Black Hammer’s villains.

A variant cover is also promised for each issue “Black Hammer: Age of Doom.” Two covers have already been shown. The cover for the first issue is drawn by Skottie young and the second is an homage to The Dark Knight Returns, by Fabio Moon.