Scott Snyder is no stranger to fans of comics’ greatest detective. Penning two critic and fan acclaimed runs on Batman with “Batman”, “All Star Batman”, and several beloved independent books, fans seem ready to hand Snyder the world. But one of Snyder’s most recent proposals might be too bizarre for some comic fans.

When asked on Twitter what series he would like to write Snyder answered industry familiars Justice League and Wonder Woman, before surprising everyone with “(no joke) detective chimp.”

Snyder seems to have a lot of zeal for the primate sleuth. He has even gone as far as to include him in the current DC Comics event “Dark Nights: Metal.”


According to Snyder he already has a four-issue mini-series in mind. The series would be a “Murder mystery that brings him back to the circus.”

Detective Chimp, or Bobo T. Chimpanzee, first appeared in issue four of the “Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog,” in 1952. In this issue, Rex and Bobo visited the Fountain of Youth, which gave Bobo the ability to speak to any creature in their own language, immortality, and a genius level intellect. Since his debut, Bobo has featured in a few prominent DC events including “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and “Day of Vengeance.” Bobo has also been a member of the Shadowpact, a group comprised of a few of DC’s mystical heroes, and the Bureau of Amplified Animals. No word yet on whether Bobo will fight crime using excrement flinging tactics.