A few months ago Marvel announced Marvel Legacy, another line-wide reestablishment of their catalog. This is one of many relaunches in the last several years starting “Marvel NOW!” in 2012, “All New All Different Marvel” in 2015, and “Marvel NOW! 2.0” in 2016. With so many relaunches and events in such a short period of time fans grew frustrated with their series’ consistently being set back to number one or being interrupted by a different story.

To appease fans Marvel created Marvel Legacy in conjunction with Marvel Generations. Generations is a series of one-shots that featured the older and latest incarnations of legacy heroes such as Carol Danvers’ Ms. Marvel and Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel, along with several others. The legacy event was touted as an event that would pay homage to Marvels past while simultaneously looking towards the feature.

Marvel promised several series such as Captain America, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Amazing Spider-Man, and others were returning to their original numbering. There were also promises that fan-favorite characters would be returning in the event.

Jean Grey’s return had already been announced in “Generations: Phoenix & Jean Grey #1”, Steve Rogers declared his return at the end of Marvel’s “Secret Empire” event, and after the death Jane Foster it seems clear Odinson will be returning as Thor.

With so many characters already known to be returning many fans were left wondering who Marvel would bring back in the event itself. Many fans speculated universe staples such as Charles Xavier or Cyclops were the first choices to be revived.

On September 25th, thanks to some leaked images, it was revealed the original Wolverine would be coming back.



In an interview with Comicbook.com Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said, “Yes, Logan is back from the dead.” Alonso went on to say the series would answer how Wolverine escaped, why he’s back, and why he has an Infinity Stone.

Logan had lost his healing factor and was encased in a shell of adamantium when we last saw him in the “Death of Wolverine” series back in 2014. Since that time the Wolverine title had been taken up by X-23 in the “All New Wolverine” series. Death is rarely permanent in the world of comics world so to some this is no surprise. But many will be wondering what could have possibly broken the adamantium encasing wolverine, which was previously thought to be indestructible.